Humans’ power to overcome adversity is the art of resilience.

Resilience is our superpower that makes us strong in the face of adversity; it is also the art of transformation, the unpredictable, the inner human power of everything that emerges from pain and frustration, the inevitable chaos that manages to evolve in its darkness, transforming itself into the breath of life that oxygenates our world into an environment full of colors, dreams, and multiple and infinite opportunities. I see resilience reflected in nature; Mother Earth has been strong through decades of abuse and destruction. Therefore, this collection is inspired by the strength of mother earth’s multiple resilient environments.

Each jewel of The Art of Resilience collection has its own story of love that articulates the strength that emerges from our planet earth’s soul. I hope that you enjoy this collection as much as I do.

Ela Sáenz CoFounder of Demiurga.