Woven A C H E

Emotional Complexity illustrated in Manual Dexterity

‘I love jewelry because of its interactiveness with one’s body and the idea that these intricate metal sculptures exceed all orifices of the body. The Jewellery collection gravitates around the therapeutic process art has over mental health disorders; It explicitly focuses on Neurographic art, which stimulates the subconscious and deepens into one individual’s psyche. This collection intends to simultaneously conceive a profound connection within mind, body, and soul, which merges via the ancient filigree craft. Working with exceptionally detailed, high-skill artisans has transformed my deeply intimate drawings into three-dimensional contemporary sculptures that can be worn on the human body. Simultaneously, they are independent objects that are organically powerful on their own; This has been the most exciting part of the process, marking the human emotional Complexity through ancient manual dexterity’.

Instagram: @dolorsophy