Abraham Reyes


Hello, my name is Abraham Reyes. I am thirty-four years old, and I have learned the skill of weaving gold and silver since I was 13.

The creation of our filigree atelier started with the birth of my son ten years ago; with my partner Carmen we decided to create a new venture doing what we feel most passionate about, Filigree.
The Filigree is a unique art because it is created with love and warrior hands; as artisans, we constantly challenge ourselves to elevate every jewel to its maximum expression.
We are grateful to every person who appreciates our art elaborated with passion and devotion.


Hello, my name is Carmen Vargas. I am a proud mother of a ten-year-old and the youngest of seven siblings.
The Filigree arrived in my life when I was a teenager; I stopped focusing on my academic studies to learn the art of creating unique woven fine jewelry.
My atelier started with the birth of my son Leonardo Jesus ten years ago when my partner, Abraham, and I decided to take the risk and become entrepreneurs to benefit our family and other families from the community.
The Filigree is unique because it is woven with dedication, effort, delicacy, and love from every artisan. We dream that one day our craft will be respected and applauded by the world.

Carmen Vargas
Pedro Morales


My name is Pedro Morales, and I am a beautiful girl’s father. I graduated as a senior student in 2017, and after graduating, I decided to be a goldsmith apprentice.
I am deeply in love with the art of Filigree, which is remarkable because it is the skill of patience, love, and passion. Nothing is similar to the Filigree in the entire world because it is purely handcrafted with devotion and patience.


My name is Jason Andres Sosa; I was born on the 22nd of May in 1996 in Mompox, Bolivar. I am in love with the art of Filigree; It fascinates me the versatility of the craft.
The Filigree is unique because it is made with patience and love. The technique for creating Filigree has passed from generation to generation, producing silver and gold stories that shine with their captivating texture and unique beauty.

Jeison Andres Sosa
Johan Vargas


Hello, my name is Johan Vargas. I am 18 years old and have worked with Filigree for three years. 

Filigree is a unique art in the world because it is purely handcrafted with a high manual dexterity that few people can learn and develop. It is an exquisite art that everyone should see and wear.


Mompox is a town where time does not pass. Mompox is the nidus of the Filigree, the art of sublime human expression that shapes into fine figures made of threads of silver and gold. The authentic filigree pieces are made by the hope of an artisan, who, generation after generation, sees life and history pass by their old wooden chair, hoping one day his works of art will have the value of a painting of DaVinci, a book by Shakespeare or Victor Hugo, symphony by Tchaikovsky or simply the glory of the great Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez who had and inspiration for his magical Macondo in the warm vibrance of Santa Cruz de Mompox.

Let’s weave new beginnings through the art of love and patience from Santa Cruz de Mompox.